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Welcome to Racepass!

Exercise in someway or another plays a part in all of our lives. For me, and my fellow Co-Founders, its something more of a passion. Racepass was born out of a love for exercise, but it was that love that drove us to look at the market that served exercise based events and how we as consumers felt inadequately served. Whether you like to run, cycle, swim, or do it all. Are a beginner, intermediate or advanced, Racepass is here to offer you a home to discover, share and enjoy yourself.

We’ve partnered with events all over the world to bring you a place where you can find races and events near you. No longer do you need to look high and low for the next half marathon, triathlon or that Saturday 5k, Racepass has done the hard work for you, now all you need to do is decide what your next challenge is.

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