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New interactive Strava routes for your events 

We have great news for you today. Strava interactive routes are now on Racepass, which means, they are now available to you!

We now give your event participants a seamless way to experience a route like never before. We’ve added detailed interactive maps for any route directly onto our Racepass event pages. If you don’t have one on your page yet, then get in touch with the team as we probably need some additional information from you.

Explore with ease

Your maps are dynamic! Athletes will be able to zoom in and out, navigate around the route and see the elevation profile alongside the map.

See the route in motion

You now have an immersive visualization of the route right on the Racpass event page thanks to the Flyover video. This will help athletes understand the climbs, descents, twists and turns of any route.

We’ve made it really easy for your athletes to select what race or distance they are doing. This allows them to see their unique route and plan accordingly.

Get in touch with the Racepass team today if you would like to know more.