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How to train for the Comrades Marathon 

The race is approximately 90 kilometers (56 miles) long and is run between Durban and Pietermaritzburg, alternating the direction each year. The Comrades Marathon is considered one of the most grueling and challenging ultra-marathons in the world, attracting thousands of runners from around the globe.

The Comrades Marathon was first run in 1921 and has been held every year since, except during World War II. The race was initially created to honor the South African soldiers who died during the war, and it has since become a popular event that celebrates the spirit of endurance and camaraderie among runners.

The Comrades Marathon is a gruelling ultra-marathon that tests even the most experienced runners. To successfully complete the race, you need to follow a structured training program that builds your endurance, strength, and speed. Here are some tips on how to train for the Comrades Marathon:

1. Start early

The Comrades Marathon is a long and challenging race, and you need to start your training well in advance. Ideally, you should start training at least six to eight months before the race to build your endurance gradually and avoid overtraining.

2. Build a solid base

To successfully complete the Comrades Marathon, you need to build a strong base of aerobic fitness. This means running regularly and gradually increasing your weekly mileage over time. Start with shorter runs and gradually increase your mileage each week, making sure to include a mix of easy runs, tempo runs, and long runs.

3. Incorporate hills into your training

The Comrades Marathon is known for its steep hills and descents, and you need to include hill training in your program. Find a hilly route or a treadmill that simulates hills and include hill repeats in your training. This will help build your strength and endurance and prepare you for the challenges of the race.

4. Include strength training

Strength training is an essential part of any training program, especially for an ultra-marathon. Include exercises that target your legs, core, and upper body, such as squats, lunges, planks, and push-ups. Strength training will help improve your running form, prevent injuries, and boost your overall performance.

5. Practice your nutrition and hydration strategy

During the Comrades Marathon, it’s essential to maintain your energy levels and stay hydrated. Practice your nutrition and hydration strategy during your long runs and simulate race-day conditions. Experiment with different types of food and fluids and find out what works best for you.

6. Taper properly

Tapering is an essential part of any training program, and it’s especially important for an ultra-marathon. In the weeks leading up to the race, gradually reduce your training volume and intensity to allow your body to recover and prepare for the race.

7. Get enough rest and recovery

Rest and recovery are essential for any training program, and it’s even more critical for an ultra-marathon. Make sure to get enough sleep, rest, and recovery time between your training sessions. Listen to your body and avoid overtraining or pushing yourself too hard.

In conclusion, the Comrades Marathon is a challenging race that requires a structured and disciplined training program. Follow these tips to build your endurance, strength, and speed, and prepare yourself mentally and physically for the race. Remember, consistency and patience are key, and with the right training, you can successfully complete the Comrades Marathon. Good luck and happy training!